Sci fi romance about woman who escapes and hides in ship


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May 7, 2021
I'm looking for the name of a Sci fi romance book. What I remember about the story...
A young woman escapes from being held prisoner and hides in a ships maintenance shift (or something). The captain has been given given very important cargo and if he doesn't deliver on time he will be killed (or something). After the ship has already taken off they find the hiding woman almost dead.
They can not turn back so they let her stay and she starts to work in the ships kitchen and bar. The chef is grumpy to have her forced on him but he quickly warms up to her because they share history of beoing slaves.
But it turns out she is being hunted by an evil dude because she has powers that he harnesses to power his ship (or spmethong). She doesn't tell the captain or anyone about this at first because she doesn't want them to give her back to her evil master.
Battles happen and captain falls for the lady and saves her and she saves him, etc etc.
Bit soppy at the end maybe, but the rest of it sounds interesting. I'd like to read this one. :)

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