Alternative History -- WWII Alternative Dispute Resolution Car Race between U.S. and Germany


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Mar 25, 2021
I read a short story featuring a car race between the U.S. and Germany starting from opposite ends of the route. The race had simulated traffic from small remote control Japanese Toylet cars (presumably Toyota commentary). The Germans started on the rural end of the route and initially had clear sailing. The Americans started on the urban end of the route and were slowed down by the initial City speed limits, lights, and traffic. Of course, the Americans won in the end because despite the slow start, by the time the Germans reached the city, the urban traffic was snarled and deadlocked by all the chain reactions of start-stop traffic. Whereas once the Americans broke free of the city, they had no appreciable traffic to the end. The Americans started the chain-reaction but weren't around for the subsequent chaos. The story illustrated the chain reaction of nuclear fission. I believe I read it in a book anthology of the best of Science Fiction. Would love to find the title and author.
I believe this is "How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Turn Back the German Invasion" by Gene Wolfe.

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In a more peaceful 1938, journalist Winston Churchill challenges Reichschancellor Adolf Hitler to an auto race to prove whose nation produced the superior car; meanwhile, the narrator—a U.S. Army soldier stationed in London—tells of how he was defeated in a military board game.

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