Alternative Sites to Goodreads


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Jan 2, 2008
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I've tried LibraryThing and it was OK, must give it another go - was a while ago and haven't had time.
Tried Storygraph without paying for the plus version and the recommendations were not great - they were at least SFF (unlike Goodreads offerings) but not tailored to the few books I entered to test it.
Not heard of the rest, must saunter past one day.

I'm currently liking the beta version of for finding new books - you type in a book you like and if it is on their system you will get a list of books that people think are similar. Still under development and is a quirky one where authors are thinking up themes relevant to their own book, and recommending five other books with their own book at the top. Ones like

So it doesn't have every book in existence on its catalogue. It does have a different way of finding the next book to read. It doesn't have a user log-in - it is not your own reading catalogue, it is a way of finding a book to read.

Their genre filters are currently very basic with developments later this year. Development started from the non-fiction end of the site. They've got a development roadmap out into 2023

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