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Oct 17, 2020
I remember the title (above) but not the author. Short story or short novelette, probably 1980s.

An everyman character, one day, notices that the face on his $20 bill is John C. Calhoun's.
He asks his wife about it but she says it's always been that way.
The next day his favorite radio station is a different format, unannounced. As days go by more details change.
He is fired when he reports when he reports to his office without his lizard. His boss admits that he is an easy going sort, but coming in without his lizard is just too much.
So he spends his time at home watching the Papal Challenge Zapball game and such. But he hangs on, as his wife is his rock of stability.
Until one day when he looks into her brown eyes as she puts dinner down on the tatami mat.
Her eyes are green.
He kills her, of course, but fortunately he had insanity insurance and is placed in an asylum.
And there he finally is in the asylum, standing on his pseudopodia and waving his flagella at the three moons.
At the end, they pronounce him cured and release him.

For some reason I thought this might be Bob Leman, but I do not see the title listed on his stories.

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