(Found) Short story about sending unsocial people to a walled sanctuary


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Jan 20, 2021
I thought this would be easy to find but apparently not.

Story is about a society that sends people who refuse to conform to society to a walled sanctuary where there are no rules at all. Pretty sure it's from the 1960's and it was in a hardcover anthology. I thought it was by someone big like Asimov or Clark but can't seem to find anything pointing to the story.

The guy buys all kinds of survival stuff that is immediately stolen when he goes in. He meets various people and discovers some sort of plot to break out and finds a way to get out to notify the authorities.

Does this ring a bell with anyone out there?
Did he travel into the lawless area on something called a Turtle?
A slow walking mechanical mule thing
This reminds me of Clifford D Simak's "Physician to the Universe" but it'd need some significant misremembering. For a start it was a guarded swamp not a walled sanctuary.

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