(Found) Short Story Courtroom scene - help


Journeyman Misanthrope
Dec 3, 2018
Utah, USA
Trying to find a story with only one piece of fragmented memory as a guide.

Lawyers using memory disks/cartridges/spheres of information which they place into a computer where the decision is made.

I am thinking it is from the 60s or 70s. Originally thinking Biggle or Simak.
Also it could be a novel.

Any help would be appreciated.
Any more clues? There was a story in ANALOG magazine eons (anywhere from the 60s forward) ago where a ship's officer (navigator, perhaps) is involved in a courtroom scene. At her lawyer's table in the courtroom, she asks about the computer interface equipment. The lawyer proudly mentions it was the ?X45J? computer-- top of the line. The ship's officer smirks to herself-- starships have had that computer for several years already. The officer is a telekinetic-- and as the case evolves, her lawyer isn't going to introduce a piece of evidence she thinks is critical. It's stacked next to the evidence hopper-- and she telekinetically slides the evidence into the hopper.
My son found it. I am embarrassed. It is from Monument by Lloyd Biggle Jr. Chapter 13, pg 99 and all of chapter 21. So i went and pulled one of my copies. I have read that book at least 5 times and Biggle is one of my favorites.


PaulMm, Thanks for the suggestion, now i have a new one to try to track down.

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