Heroic fantasy, smart aleck protagonist, maybe 90s or early 2000s, either novel or series,often fouls things up


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Nov 1, 2020
I read a novel, maybe even a series, that would have been written around the 90s, (or a little after that). It had a wise a$$ protagonist, who was kind of an epic fantasy version of Sledgehammer detective. Fair bit of humor in them. In one book, there was a jewel that everyone wanted. It caused much discord, though, if you actually acquired it, In the end, he buries it to save everyone. The place where he buries it is called Jerusalem. Then he goes off smugly convinced that it’ll never cause discord again. Would love to find it again.
The main thing that people will think of when you talk about epic fantasy with hardboiled detectives will be Glenn Cook's Garrett, P.I. series. I've read a few of these but don't recognize the plot as described. But there are a lot of them I haven't read also...
Thraxas by Martin Scott? Hardboiled detective noirish fantasy, quite funny in places. The hero is an alcoholic PI who lives above a dubious bar with a half-orc barmaid wearing a chainmail bra who practices with her battle axes out the back and struggles to be admitted to higher education. You get the gist.
I cannot remember the particular plot in the op, but there are a number of novels in the series.

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