Favorite Dragonlance Chronicles characters?

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
After more recent posts in the original Dragonlance Chronicles discussion, I got to thinking about favorite characters in the series.

Tanis is obviously something of the lead, but we have great support from the double act of Flint and Tasslehoff Burrfoot, then of course the quiet warrior Sturm, the twins Caramon and Raistlin, plus a number of expanding characters to the core group, such as Goldmoon and others.

However, who is your favorite?

For me, Raistlin will always be the standout character, especially for the way he changes through the story - but also for his vulnerability and relationship with his brother.

I'm not sure everyone would agree, though? :)
For me, it depends on how old you are. When I was younger, the more cartoony characters - Flint and Tasslehoff especially - would have been most appealing. Then, when a little older, Raistlin. But now I find the more "normal" people more interesting, because they're more relatable and don't just do Mysterious Stuff the way Raistlin does. I find Sturm and Caramon quite appealing and rounded in comparison.

That said, I thought much the same thing re-watching Firefly: I liked the characters who were either actual crew or a "guy with a gun" more (except Kaylee, who is rather saccharine) and was less interested in the more exotic characters. I think you've got more room for interesting things to happen to someone who isn't tightly defined by their powers, species, rank, style etc.
Raistlin was definitely my favourite, yet also made me angry when he would not reveal the whole story/truth. And he became more powerful as he progressed. His twin brother was always there for him as well.
I find it difficult to name one character :( I faved Tas and Flint, so if I can name two, that would be the pair :) I love Flint for his wisdom and the lack of need to prove himself to anyone. And Tas... Well, mostly for his curiosity and one thing I now admire the most, his relentless unwillingness to lose hope <3

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