(Found) Space navy academy based book

The Great Snook

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Apr 1, 2009
Boston MA
I'm looking for a book that is a sci-fi book. Possibly a series. I read it awhile ago and just can't remember what it was.

The main character is a male and is at some sort of academy for training. During one of the rotations they all get assigned to active naval vessels. If I remember correctly they are awarded the rank of fourth lieutenant for the rotation. Each cadet is giving the "pips" or "stars" of the rank from the academy and each pair has a history of those who wore them before. In this particular case the ones our hero gets were formally worn by the Commandant of the academy, but since then they have fallen on a bad streak and many of the cadets who wore them ended up dying. Luckily, our hero does survive and gets to return them.

I originally thought it could be "of Treasons Born" by J.L. Doty but I was wrong.

I appreciate any help I can get.
I knew this was Heinlein, but it bugged me I couldn't remember where. Martin321 is right. Starship Troopers, chapter 12.
Now I'm so ashamed. I blame the movie. It has been on cable a lot recently and it completely skips Rico's training as an officer. Somehow it must have triggered something in my memory. Thank you everyone.