MARCH 2020 75-Word Writing Challenge—VICTORY TO DAYSMAN!

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No Time to Transform

Perp looked at the Caterpillar.

"But I had such a good idea for a story. It had dinosaurs in it!"

The Caterpillar drew on the thick old stogie and blew a huge grey-blue smoke ring onto the air.

"I know. Hell, I could metamorph into something different and wonderful, but you know what? Figure there has been enough change in the world. Let's just leave it alone."

"But dinosaurs..."
Spooky Action at a Distance

″Are you sure?″ they asked, before I went under.

Of course I wasn′t, but my body was failing. Twenty-eight, and killed by a Jovian cytotoxin. The doctors would salvage what they could. Cybernetics, and a quantum organic processor would fix the rest.

A voice whispered after I woke. ″We are here, across the universe. Do you wish to join the collective?″

After two days, I whispered back.

We understand better now. We are one.

The ‘Should Have Been’ Star of S.125

Why me?
I’m not banal, one who can’t make it on its own, but needs clever variations to justify its presence.
I’m not the flashy but shallow type. They become leitmotifs.
I’m ‘poetic’, ‘sinuous’, ‘haunting’, according to the critics. I should’ve been left to shine. On. My. Own.
I start the concerto by entrancing the listener. Fifteen minutes of being mangled and what am I? A bloody march, that’s what!
Damn Liszt. Damn ‘thematic transformation’!
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