What TV show are you watching (streaming) currently?


a better poet than swordsman
May 17, 2019
In this age of streaming, we often do tend to watch one show at a time, binging it then moving on to the next one, so it makes sense to start a thread akin to the one about movies (or about books, for that matter).

I just finished American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. I thought it was incredibly well done, and its reverse chronological structure I found extremely effective in presenting the inexorability of the tragic events. Highly recommended.
I'm not on any on line streaming service, so i'm an old fashioned DVD guy.

Currently watching Brooklyn 99 series 5.

I have Z Nation series 5, Killjoys series 3 and 4 to watch.

I'm also looking to get into The Good Place and have series one at home.
I binge-watched Netflix's Wild Wild Country on holiday, a documentary about the Baghwan Rajneesh and the community he set up in Oregon in the eighties, and its running battles with local Oregonians and the US govt. After a slightly slow start, I found it utterly compelling.
Currently streaming Preacher (at a one a week pace) and The Boys on Amazon Prime UK.
Last week I rewatched both Jack Ryan from Amazon and Condor from Audience. I was comparing and contrasting the two. I'm pretty sure Condor was made to compete with Jack Ryan. They had several similarities. Low level CIA analysts who discover something big that ends up throwing them into field work. Jack Ryan had better production value and a more solid storyline. Condor had more interesting characters.