Looking for Fantasy Novel, Series - Focus your Lir


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Jul 30, 2019
Hi there, I've been really searching for this set of books I read about 10 years ago. It has been a while, but I will try my best to give as much information as possible.

  • The book is a fantasy, hero novel
  • read about 10 years ago
  • A couple of the major themes are a belief in yourself and friendship, courage
  • I know that the main character is a young kid in their early teens, where they get brought to a village where they have some aspect of being a chosen one, and they learn of a kind of power similar to the force in star wars. I believe that this force is a part of the person and that they can learn to "focus their lir" (or it may be spelled differently: lir, lirr, lur, lurr... I'm not totally sure)
  • The setting is in another world, where I believe there is a struggling world that needs the hero's help.
  • I also know that at least by the last book they end up in a face-off with a monster overlord sort of character in a forest.
  • I read this story in English
  • I believe the target audience is kids ages 13 to young adults
Thanks for the help!!
I'd have to look a little more closely to see if the plot of any particular one of the novels matches what you've described, but the word you half-remember ('lir' etc) very much reminds me of 'laran', the name for telepathic talent in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series.

Hope that helps :unsure:
There is a series (7 or 8 books) Chronicles of the Cheysuli by Jennifer Roberson about magical warrior types who bonded with a LIR, a kind of totum animal when they reach adulthood. 2 of the main characters have a wolf Lir & a hawk or eagle Lir. To focus on your Lir ment talking to it mind to mind, & also focus on your own inner magic or power. You Lir became part of your soul & to lose your Lir ment you went mad or commit suicide.

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