Looking for the title of a fantasy novels I read in the 90s


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Jun 26, 2011
If my memory serves me right it was a trilogy about a man who dies in our world and wakes up in the body of an expert swordsman in another word. He is told by a god/goddess that the man in whose body he finds himself in was dyeing and she brought him here to unite the people of this world (or something of the sort). Soon after a young man comes to him seeking tutelage in swordsmanship, believing him to be the expert swordsman whose body he now occupies. Realizing the young man is a very gifted swordsman and an exceptionally quick study he takes him along on his quest while teaching him all the knowledge he has gained about swordsmanship from the body he now occupies.

It was such a long time ago and I have read a lot of other fantasy books since then so I can not be sure about this, but "sword" might have been in the title of the series, or one of the books of the series or it might just be that the book cover prominently featured a picture of a sword (or I could just be mixing it up with one of the many fantasy books I have read down the years).

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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