NASA to allow tourists on International Space Station

It did sound cheap - I'm sure there are exclusive resorts on Earth that charge similar, yet can't offer anything like the unique experience of being in space. :)

Personally I hope it really takes off - everyone who has been in space seems to have been impressed by the view of Earth and it's fragility, and the need to protect it. I've always thought that would justify sending all the world leaders into space, for some perspective. :)


(Kornbluth really had a thing for shipping folks to Venus, huh?)

Emigrate to Venus? What do they think I am, a moron?

Send me to the ISS! ;)

The way I read it, the nightly residence fee does not include the 'taxi fee', which will be charged by the commercial launch vehicle operator. A bit out of my price range.

I'm still waiting for the flying cars they promised us, so I think the orbital hotel and conference centre of 2001 may be a while off. Pity, cos I'd love the chance to go into space.

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