Body Snatchers x NASA shuttle mission x Biosphere


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Mar 27, 2020
Bear with me: I just vividly dreamed this yesterday. I'm writing down as much as I can remember in a way that makes the most sense. You don't really have to critique this - it's not even a draft. The whole thing had a distinct 1960s Sci-Fi B-movie flick vibe. I wonder if someone recalls a movie/story like this.

I'm a scientist at some facility that's basically a Space Shuttle launch pad. We have a giant water tank like structure just below the blast pad. The water tank is some kind of experiment, and it has living things in it that are very important. I don't know why they are important. We are told that the launch schedule for the space shuttle has been advanced so that it will take off only in a few minutes. The rocket exhaust from the take-off will feed the water tank and replenish something inside it, so it's good. Somehow I realize that part of the facility has been taken over by aliens, and the aliens have moved up the launch schedule and are manning the shuttle and the launch is definitely going to be bad. I'm rushing around trying to convince everyone that the aliens are here and we need to evacuate the level and get the army in here. The aliens start advancing on us. I get a few people out of the area.

We discover strange drawings on the floor of the facility. I'm pushing and pulling people to get out, but people stop to look at the drawings. The drawings seem to tell us that the aliens are friendly. That they have feelings and emotions. The people stop listening to me and look towards the aliens. The aliens start killing the people. I'm about to keep pulling the people out of that level when I realize there is a big plot hole (yes, folks, some part of my brain is analyzing plot holes while the rest of my brain concentrates on escaping the alien invasion). The plot hole is that how could the space shuttle exhaust ever be sold as something good for the giant water tank below the blast pad?

Dream ends. Presumably before even larger plot holes are signaled by my brain.

That's it. That's the piece. I'm just amused by the whimsy of it all and by the fact that after over a decade I actually remembered such a complex dream and felt I wanted to share it with my writing buddies.
Yeah! I've had some pretty strange dreams myself.
My first plot hole in yours would be--I'm working at NASA...?
Then, maybe... Aliens?
As far as the bioshere's probably just lobster and you eat it after the take-off.

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