(Found) Humanoid aliens crash on prehistoric Earth while seeking space-faring civilizations, then hibernate until modern times


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Jan 23, 2019
Pretty sure I read this as a paperback in the early 1960s. Benign humanoid aliens searching for advanced civilizations crash in prehistoric Europe(?). The ship's anthropologist on his death bed tells them the best chance of ever getting home is to travel to the North American continent and hibernate for many thousands of years, hoping Earth will have developed space faring tech by that time and most likely on that continent. I think they wind up in a cave in Colorado where a hiker (I think an advertising guy whose life is falling apart) is captured by them as they wake up in modern times. Eventually they figure their best bet is to go back to sleep for another 500 years and they are joined in this by their captive, now friend.
Sounds like that might be THE WINDS OF TIME, by Chad Oliver. Published in the late 50s, I think...
Bingo! Thanks 2DaveWixon! Online summaries make this too close of a match to not be the right book. Many thanks. Does anyone know how I edit the title of my post to insert "Found"?
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You're welcome, Chojo.
I remembered the name of the book because it came out during my own golden age of sf -- for some (probably psychological) reason, that story is one of the building blocks of my stfnal personality...

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