Short story: Letter written to the general population about a sentence that can be said, which makes the impossible probabilities possible


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Jan 20, 2019
It is a short story, I read in the 1990s, but it was already old at that time. I read it in a short story collection in Hungarian. I do not remember the neither the author nor the title of the short story.
The story goes that it is a letter written to the general population. It still takes place in the cold war, so it could have been written before 1989. A guy, not the one writing the letter, discovers a miracle sentence that makes impossible probabilities possible. Within the letter the letter writer describes what the original guy has accomplished with this sentence. He started out with throwing double 6s with two different dices 50 times, then he wanted to help with propagating freedom and the army made a test with him. He was attacked by tanks and through monitors he was able to see the tanks and he destroyed them At the end he destroyed the nuclear arsenal of the opposite parties. The secret service of both parties were searching for the secret deposits from the opposite party, so they can publish their finding and let this guy destroy it, as he disappeared.
However, at the end of the letter, we find out that the letter writer has been in contact with the original guy and he received the sentence. The original guy has some health problems, but not the letter writer. He ends the letter saying that he was able to perform the same miracle for the first time that the original guy did. He threw two dices and always got 6s, even after the 50th throw. He even says that he went for a doctor check up and he is in good health, so the armament race will be kept under control in the future as well.

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