Discussions for the 100 word Anonymous Challenge for November 2017.


Venu d'un pays ou il ne pleut pas
Oct 26, 2013
Hi everyone.

It's already the 7th and we haven't started this challenge yet.

So first of all, is there anyone who wants to host it this month?

I've asked Victoria for the theme and genre so hopefully we can get it going tomorrow or the next day if someone comes forward.

I was just thinking about the 100-worder myself. I was even going to volunteer to host! Thank you for stepping up, Victoria.
Are you doubting my writing skills?

Actually I wrote just one poetry (in italian) in my whole life and it was.... Ok.
But this time I surprised myself. I'm so good :)

My guess is dannymcg: SAD
And I'm 98% sure that Cathbat didn't wrote the haiku.
I think I will join in this month. I had an idea the instant I saw the theme and genre, although the muse bite is now infected. Filthy creatures, those muses.

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