What ever happened to Gothic Romances?


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Aug 21, 2010
I think she's arrived for some reason at a sinister old house on one of the Great Lakes built by an eccentric millionaire. There's some attraction between her and the heir, though the house at present is owned and occupied by the millionaire's youngest sister, now an ancient and reclusive woman. She takes a little boat out on the lake and a storm comes up, but the heir arrives in the nick of time to rescue her. They get back to the house in raging wind and rain. When they do, they learn that the telephone lines are down, but just before they went down there was a call for her. It was her "sister," who tells her that the couple she has thought was her parents has just died in an accident, and that she is not really their child at all; she was an orphan baby whom they adopted and the "sister" thought she should know.... so she runs up to her room in confusion and distress....

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