Red Queen's War; may contain spoilers


pixie druid
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May 4, 2005
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I haven't enjoyed The Red Queen's War as much as The Broken Empire. It's okay but didn't draw me in the way the first series did.

The difference is the protagonists, Jorg, an evil b... who takes what he wants, nothing will stand in his way. Very few redeeming points, I loved him from the start.

Jalan, a prince, a coward who cares only for his own pleasures, couldn't stand him. I kept reading because I liked Snorri, I liked the plot and wanted to see how it played out.

Now I'm half way through the third The Wheel of Osheim, my feelings for Jal have been turned on its head. Yes he is still selfish and would love to flee from the horror surrounding him but he hasn't he has taking control, defending his grandmother's city against the dead.

Overall The Red Queen's War isn't as riveting as The Broken Empire but The Wheel of Osheim is probably his best book to date.