mark lawrence

  1. nixie

    The Girl and the Stars; Mark Lawrence.

    From the same world as Book of the Ancestor, The Girl and the Stars is set in the far north, grass and trees are a myth and cruel decisions have to be made. The tribes meet and regulator exams the children, any considered broken are thrown in the pit, they see it as a kindness, the broken can't...
  2. Perpetual Man

    Review: Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

    A long time ago an online friend mentioned that there was a book worth reading by a new author. As the author was at the time a member of the same forum it seemed that a good idea to take the recommendation and I read Prince of Thorns. Along the way there were plenty of fun conversations and it...
  3. nixie

    Grey Sister; Mark Lawrence ( may contain spoilers)

    Mark Lawrence is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. Grey Sister picks up 2 years on from Red Sister. Nona is around 15 and has moved up to Mystic Class, fresh challenges, old and new enemies await her. During an inquisition visit she breaks the rules and is sentenced to death...
  4. nixie

    Red Queen's War; may contain spoilers

    I haven't enjoyed The Red Queen's War as much as The Broken Empire. It's okay but didn't draw me in the way the first series did. The difference is the protagonists, Jorg, an evil b... who takes what he wants, nothing will stand in his way. Very few redeeming points, I loved him from the start...
  5. nixie

    Red Sister

    Picked up the first book in a new series by Mark Lawrence, I'm looking forward to reading this. Young girls send to a convent trained in the art of killing, hope it's as good as it sounds. The broken Empire trilogy was good, Red Queen's War a bit so so, I still have the third one of the red...
  6. svalbard

    Sleeping Beauty

    Mark has a new short story out featuring Jorg in a take of the Sleeping Beauty story. It should be interesting. Available on kindle.
  7. Vertigo

    Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

    I could not find a previous review of this book to tack mine onto though I'm sure there should be one? I absolutely stormed through Prince of Thorns. Whatever else I may say about this book it is certainly a major page turner; full of action with very little chance to catch your breath in...
  8. Lilmizflashythang

    Mark Lawrence, Goodreads Semi-finalist.

    The Goodreads Choice Awards are up and Mr. Lawrence has made semifinalist in the Fantasy section for "Prince of Fools." Congratulations.
  9. Mark_Lawrence

    Prince of Thorns to be a TV series?

    So - the latest news is that there's been significant interest from Hollywood! Mark Lawrence: Getting the call from Hollywood and the man behind it Wolfgang Hammer | LinkedIn is really keen that readers be involved in every stage of bringing Prince of Thorns out as a TV series. So if...
  10. Brian G Turner

    Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence

    New book, part 1 of the Red Queen series, out in June 5th 2014: Mark Lawrence: Prince of Fools And on Amazon:
  11. Brian G Turner

    Spoof Prince of Thorns covers

    A few re-imagined covers for Prince of Thorns. :) Mark Lawrence: Do Judge A Book By Its Cover!
  12. S

    Review: The King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

    26th June 2013 04:20 PM Tim James I think it is fair to say that the books of Mark Lawrence can be described as harsh. Not in a bad way, the world that is lived in and the characters are harsh, but there is more to it than that. There have been criticisms about some of the things that...
  13. R

    Emperor of Thorns discussion WITH SPOILERS

    So this trilogy has come to an end! There must be a few people who have finished it by now. I got the first book for free (when I bought another book) and the next two the day they came out. They've always just appealed to me, just the right amount of quirky humour to balance the darkness and...
  14. Brian G Turner

    Emperor of Thorns released

    Emperor of Thorns is now available to buy on Amazon:
  15. Brian G Turner

    Mark Lawrence on special needs in fantasy

    Mark Lawrence writes a piece about special needs in science fiction and fantasy:
  16. Jo Zebedee

    KING OF THORNS, by Mark Lawrence.

    There's a line in Dirty Dancing that's really important - no, no, not that line, lord knows what Jorg would do if they put his baby in the corner - from strict '60s Dad, and it's, "When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong." (Poor Mark, I'm sure he never expected a review to start with DD. :)) Anyway...
  17. Brian G Turner

    Prince of Thorns discussion - SPOILERS!

    SPOILERS! Okay, I know we've seen discussion on Prince of Thorns on the Mark Lawrence thread, but there's a specific issue I've been meaning to ask about for some time. 1. Jorg is defined by Mabberton. This is what opens the story, and introduces us to him as the bloody war band leader...
  18. Werthead

    Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

    A hundred petty warlords are struggling to carve their own pieces out of the Broken Empire, the divided remnants of a glorious, high-technology society obliterated in a monstrous war. Little has survived from before that time aside from a few books of philosophy and war, and religion. Prince...
  19. nixie

    Mark Lawrence

    Noticed last week Waterstones had the Gormenghast Trilogy in and decided to go pick up today. Whilst there I thought I'd pre order Martin's ADWD any way if you pre order you get a complementary book. It's Mark Lawrence's Prince of Thorns, the blurb looks pretty good but this worries me...