Plural of Fez

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Danny McG

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Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
Can anyone advise please?

Plural of Fez (the little red hats)
Would it be Fezes?

Doesn't look right somehow

Hmm. Both Collins online and my paper ODE only give "fezzes", with no alternative, and I see that lower down the Merriam Webster definition for students also gives "fezzes" with no alternative "fezes". I think you're better off not risking the single "z" version.
Hmmm. But the Merriam Webster for everyone else gives: plural fezzes also fezes... :D
Yes, I saw that, and couldn't understand why non-students were given a choice but students weren't! Then I began wondering whether US teachers/lecturers would mark down "fezes" as being incorrect, but adults who wouldn't be corrected could spell it how they wanted.

Or would Fez's work ?

An apostrophe does not indicate plural! It signifies either a missing letter ie the "i" of "is" so here "fez's" is short for "fez is" or possession eg "The fez's red colouring had faded to pink".

And give "fez" a lower case "f" unless it's starting a sentence or it's a name of some kind (like the place).
I'd pluralise the wearers, not the hat, if I were you...

Whether fezes or fezzes it all looks fizzy.

Eta, ah I see you've solved it. Yup, that'd do.
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