Definitely "Files"


Jul 16, 2012
OH went to pub the other day and got chatting about books. Came back and has handily forgotten name of one he got all excited about.

Remembered James Corey, and this series has similar covers.

Quoting him now on what he remembers. I haven't got a clue (I managed to remember Corey for him) so help please oh brilliant brains.

"potentially sort of detectivey, something "Files", I thought it was Derringer but it's not and it's not X Files, think it has vampires in and might be a vampirey detective thing. There is a lot of them in the series. But I'm not sure. 100% something files. Now I'm thinking and I don't know *does thinking face and hand gestures* it could be like the x files but like the documents stuff from an agency thing. I don't know *bad language about memory followed by small cow noise* Maybe chronicles. I dunno"

Been told to post and stop directly quoting him ;)
The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher or possibly the Laundry Files by Charles Stross.
I was going to say The Dresden Files, but you beat me to it!

(Kylara -- the "like" is for the description of his hand-waving etc!)
Ta muchly. Happy grinning OH now getting very excited by the whole professional wizard thing.

Dresden Files mentioned and sudden loud noise from him as he remembered this was in fact the thing he was thinking of. I'm sure he'll be grabbing a copy of book 1 as soon as he remembers tomorrow.

TJ the hand waving is excellent and quite amusing to watch especially as it matches the thinking faces he makes ;)


Just google the Laundry Files and first book "rings a bell. Definitely one the guy said. I think. Maybe not. But Laundry sounds good right? Atrocity - has to be good? And yeah definitely sounds right"

So as per usual, he has remembered a bunch of stuff and smooshed it together in his remembering, making it extra difficult to work out what it is he is going on about!

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