The Aeronaut's Windlass


Expensive Gadget User
Oct 11, 2007
Still dont know what a Windlass is but so far im enjoying the book a lot. It has a blockbuster feel with a big budget and visual effects. I really enjoy these escape from reality type books, the characters are great so far, the tension is real and the story seems interesting so far, I am a slow reader and only 7% in so far but the pacing is very good as well. Hope you fellow Chrons pick it up and enjpy it too, lets discuss it while we are at it.

Jul 24, 2008
Hey Bio. I have the hardcover sitting in my coffee table but haven't made it to it yet. I've been busy reading indie SF this year, and doing my pub stuff, so I am way behind on the Fantasy stuff. I hope to get to this in the next few months. Really like his Codex stuff and have read 4 of the Dresden too. This one looks great.