The Aeronaut's Windlass

Josh Hayes

I am a Meat Popsicle
Mar 31, 2016
I've never read Butcher before, but after listening to the first few hours of the this novel, I'm hooked.

The world, characters and story are so ruck and vibrant! How have I not read this before now??

Anyone else come to this series late?
Josh, this series just started last year! I have the book but it's still in a pile on my coffee table. I've read four of the Dresden books and love what Butcher does, and look forward to reading this one.
I have never been a huge urban fantasy fan, so I've always steered clear of Butcher, but his writing, in this book at least, is fantastic.

The story is imaginative and fun.
I really enjoyed his Codex Alera earlier this year. Heck of a load of energy and imagination. It has everything - battles, assassins, spies, shepherds (who actually know what they are doing for a change and aren't just bemoaning the boredom of sheep keeping :D), big armies, vicious politics, clever solutions, strange races, several types of magic....and its not grim dark. Yay.

Have Aeronauts Windlass on my tbr pile.
Codex Alera was a great series! I keep meaning to reread them, but the pile of books to read is just too big

Josh, try these if you get a chance
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