Sunset over Abendau - first review

Jo, that might have been the most positive review I've ever read that didn't go: "OMG what a thrill ride. You absolutely have to read this book."

Cathbad read the book. Read it carefully. And he loved it. ---- Very impressive stuff.
Well I'm reading it uncarefully, just like its another SF novel from the heap, and as of chapter 25 its rolling along fine.
Well, the pre-review jitters paid off. The first reviews have been very, very good. One of the themes, for sure, is that Sunset brings a bit more balance to the proceedings, which I'm relieved about. I always felt - and still do, as I work on book 3 - that Abendau is a true trilogy and can only really be judged over the 3 books, so this bodes well. :)
Hey one of those reviewers gave you four stars. The cheek of him. Great going Jo. Look forward to getting my copy.

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