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  1. Brian G Turner

    Was Inish Carraig set on Rathlin Island?

    Just watched Martin Clunes "Islands of Britain" series Islands of Britain (TV series) - Wikipedia ... and noticed in episode 2 he went to an island just off Northern Ireland called Rathlin: Rathlin Island - Wikipedia I had a funny feeling this was the setting for Inish Carraig, so I paid...
  2. Jo Zebedee

    Fae folk

    I was interviewed for Sam Gregory’s Fae Folk blog, talking about Irish mythology and what not- and a reprint of this oldie but goodie first written for Kraxon magazine: Jo Zebedee - The Nymph of Hamstead Heath
  3. VinceK

    Congratulations to Jo Zebedee

    Just had my copy of Writing Magazine delivered and as always my green eyes were drawn to the "How I Got published" section and there was Jo! Well done, Jo. You must be very proud. I know I would be!
  4. Gary Compton

    A Fond Goodbye to Abendau...

    So with my ongoing health probs (which are improving) I decided to conclude some contracts that were coming to an end. It has been great working with Jo and I have no doubt we have a superstar in the making. Glad I played a small part: publishing 2 stories in Malevolence and Abendau, not to...
  5. Jo Zebedee

    Free - Sunset over Abendau First time this little one has popped onto a free offer. Book 2 of the Abendau series, some familiar faces, some new ones and a blast to the end.
  6. Jo Zebedee

    Waters and the Wild - reduced

    Hi all, just when one promo comes along.... Anyway, Waters and the Wild, my fantasy, has just gone and got itself reduced to 1.99 on kindle. Lots of nice reviews, but I'll quote these ones since they pick up on what's at the core of...
  7. SPoots

    Inish Carraig Review

    Just this second finished reading Inish Carraig by Jo Zebedee, and I had to quickly rattle out my thoughts on it. Set in N. Ireland after an alien invasion, Inish Carraig follows John Dray, a teenager in the ruins of Belfast. After unwittingly releasing a virus that nearly wipes out one of the...
  8. Jo Zebedee

    Inish Carraig is 2 years old! And now free!

    Been a wee star for me, this one. I've popped it onto free for a couple of days - grab one if you can! The synopsis. The aliens invaded Belfast. The locals aren't happy.
  9. Jo Zebedee

    Launch week! Waters and the Wild

    and first up here's an interview today where I talked about the writing challenges and how they helped inspire the book (1.12 in) BBC Radio Ulster - Kerry McLean, Book Day Club!
  10. Jo Zebedee

    First reviews - Waters and the Wild

    'What a completely enthralling new novel from Jo Zebedee! Throughout 'Waters and the Wild' there's a haunting sense of disparateness - between goodness and evil, darkness and light, truth and lies and, movingly, between what each character believes they know and what really is. From the very...
  11. Jo Zebedee

    Waters and the Wild - live for preorders!

    Exciting! I hope to get the first review up on goodreads later - but in the meantime thanks to @Teresa Edgerton and @chopper for reading an early copy and being prepared to give an endorsement (and the awesome Peadar O'Guillin, too. After his masterful capturing of the sidhe in The Call, it was...
  12. Jo Zebedee

    Ask me anything - today on Reddit!

    Hi, I'm Jo Zebedee, writer of sf and fantasy. Ask me anything! • r/Fantasy What it says! Wish me luck
  13. Jo Zebedee

    Dark little me - a new interview

    i had an interesting interview this week exploring some of the darker elements of my work Author Interview: Jo Zebedee
  14. Jo Zebedee

    Waters and the Wild - cover reveal!

    It has been killing me to keep this quiet! This is the cover of my new book, due in July. The blurb: Waters And The Wild, by Jo Zebedee "Amy was five when she vanished during a family trip, only to be found hours later, clutching a golden acorn and claiming to have visited fairies. Now she’s...
  15. Gary Compton

    Abendau Omnibus...

    So Jo has an omnibus version of her wonderful Abendau series out today. If you want to get 3 books for £1.99 then now's the time. In 48 hours it will go back up. Oh and did I mention the new cover. Click here to buy.
  16. Jo Zebedee

    Feel the love! Free Valentine's story

    No sff in this one, just a simple love story: Adventures in Love enjoy! :)
  17. Jo Zebedee

    How I left my corporate job to become a starving sf writer...

    Meet the corporate high-flyer who cut back on long hours and constant travel for a better quality of life - writing science fiction books -
  18. Jo Zebedee

    Audio - Inish Carraig

    A must for anyone who likes fast paced sf and a nice Irish brogue : because I have both! Inish Carraig Audiobook | Jo Zebedee | I also have a few freebies in exchange for a review. Pm if interested!
  19. Jo Zebedee

    Exclusive short - The Star Birds

    I've just released the second of a planned series of short stories to my mailing list subscribers. Link is below if anyone fancies signing up. The Star birds Momma taught me to feed the birds, just like her Momma taught her. I have to tip cooking grease into moulds and add some nice fresh...
  20. Jo Zebedee

    First reviews are in - Abendau's Legacy

    i've had a couple of really lovely first reviews of Abendau's Legacy (and one for Sunset, for good measure!) and thought I'd pop them here together. Jagwal Book Reviews Pete Long's Blog: Abendau's Legacy by Jo Zebedee What has worked - the multi generational stories. It seems my young voices...