These gutters are killing me


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Nov 17, 2009
Half way through Lord of Chaos and I'm really struggling to read the thing because the printed font is so close to the margin. I'm reading the version with the illustrated front cover (white shirt) and I'm sure the other books didn't have this problem, but then I was reading a different print (symbol on cover).

I find I have to force the pages apart to read the words in the gutter and it's not the most relaxing way to curl up with a book before going to sleep.

Not really much point to this thread other than to have a whinge I guess, and to see if anyone else had this problem.

Nah, I hate reading off a screen. In typical fashion though, a couple dozen pages after starting this thread, the gutter placement (or should that be text placement?) changed and the book's become perfectly readable again.

Guess I must have gotten a bad print or something.

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