I recall seeing a copy that book defunct Borderd bookshop some years ago, I wish it bought it then.

As to that Moby Dick Film , even today it's still an impressive piece of film making . Gregory Peck was marvelous in the role Ahab as was Richard Basehart in the role of Ismael. They did Moby Dick film or miniseries a few years ago with Patrick Stewart in the role of Ahab. Gregory Peck had a cameo as preacher in that version. it was good , but not in the same class as the Huston film.:)

Saw Moby Dick in 1956 when I was 15. I was starting to follow film criticism , critics did not like Gregory Peck as Ahab , I didn't know what to think. Years later I watched it aging on TV I thought 'gee' Peck was fine! This is a very fine movie version of a difficult book. That movie ought to have better visibility a classic American film than it does.

The TV mini series with Patrick Stewart is also a very fine production.

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