Crackop theory- Opening Kvothe's box

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Jan 12, 2007
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I've finished reading all the Kingkiller connected books. And I have a weird little theory.

Anyway, the Chronicler. His birth name, Devan Lochees. Lochees family is an offshoot of Lockless family and distantly related to Lackless family. He is also described as one of perhaps two score people in the world who knows the name of iron.

My theory is this:
Kvothe chose the wood he had made his chest from because of it's weight and high iron content. He chose it because iron hurts all sorts of nasties and he wanted to protect whatever is in it ( V(ictory) and ache of his name, I presume) from being stolen. There's all sorts of creatures that are hurt by iron, but there's only about two score of people knowing the true name of iron. Risk of being found by one of those people is minimal and risk of one of them opening his chest is even smaller too, because he has two keys and two locks, both iron and bronze. I think that Kvothe had built his chest strong against certain enemies but weak against those who know the true name of iron because he honestly didn't find them that big of a risk or didn't even think about them at all. Why? Becaise Kvothe himself doesn't know the name of iron.

Here's Kvothe's rhyme:

"On his first hand he wore rings of stone,
Iron, amber, wood and bone.
There were rings unseen on his second hand.
One was blood in a flowing band.
One of air all whisper thin,
And the ring of ice had a flaw within.
Full faintly shone the ring of flame,
and the final ring was without name."

Well, guess what? Iron, wood and bone rings are all given to him while he was in Maer's court and amber ring was mentioned too. Denna herself wears stone ring (Fela as well, ring of stone name mastery, on the left hand. But, one thing we know Kvothe knows the name off is wind and in this rhyme he wears that ring on the right hand. Elodin himself said that wearing the ring of name mastery on the right hand means something else entirely, something they're not yet ready for. What if Kvothe became skilful enough to be ready for that, whatever THAT is?) and we know that something happened between two of them. What if he is wearing her ring on the left hand, as if they got married?

So, Kvothe doesn't know the name of iron. But the Chronicler does. And, at the end of the 2nd book, Kvothe unlocks his chest and tries to open it. But he can't, despite it being unlocked. There's high iron content in the wood of the chest. All the Chronicler needs to do is tell that iron "Edro!" and it will open, if Kvothe unlocks the chest beforehand.

Also, the second Lackless rhyme is not about Kvothe. It's about the Chronicler, who is Lochees, opening the Kvothe's chest. Or, maybe, it's about both of them, fulfilling the same prophecy one after another.

"Seven things stand before
The entrance to the Lackless door.
One of them a ring unworn
One a word that is forsworn
One a time that must be right
One a candle without light
One a son who brings the blood
One a door that holds the flood
One a thing tight-held in keeping
Then comes that which comes with sleeping."

You could say that whatever is in that chest (I'll say part's of Kvothe's name) will flood the world once they're set free; a storm and flood that is Kvothe.


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Nov 4, 2008
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Interesting... but what about the blood ring? There's one in the first rhyme, and the second talks of a son who brings the blood. Devi is always taking blood from him, I have a feeling that ring is yet to be revealed... But I like the idea of Kvothe being the flood - we know there's a (possibly) cataclysmic event coming up, whether emotional or physical, to resolve Kvothe himself, and it would be just like Patrick to hide the answers in riddles, as he's so fond of doing.

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Oct 5, 2011
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Oh, just saw this... I commented on another thread that some of this seems to be linked to what Bast has on his mantelpiece. (The candle, for instance - although I also wonder if that's the candle Auri made Kvothe, considering its creation was important enough to write a novella about). But I didn't link the Chronicler's arrival as the time is right, and it might well be. And yes, Chronicler knows the name of iron, he might be central to opening the chest.


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Aug 6, 2013
I always thought the "flood" was the Scrael. I think they have a certain significance. Does Kvothe release them from the Fae by accident? Are they drawn to him?

I forgot that Chronicler's name was Devan Lochees. He must be essential to the Lackless door somehow.