Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time Sequence (1951-1975)


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Aug 21, 2010
I read the first book (of twelve), A Question of Upbringing, 31 years ago. I wouldn't have anything worth saying about that experience. I wondered if anyone seeing this has read Powell. It seems he's sometimes linked to Evelyn Waugh, about whom there's a thread now too.

If nothing else, the thread on Powell might be worth starting so that we can enjoy this photo, which I've never forgotten...
I do like that photo.

I know very little about Powell. I don''t think I have anythnig by him but I have heard of that sequence you quote in the thread title.

It would be interesting if anyone could post further details about him.
I've long been curious about a Dance to the Music of Time, though I think my window of opportunity for a work of that scope and type has closed. However, if you're interested in something of a similar milieu, in a compact form, I can recommend The Untouchable by John Banville.
I'd never heard of this author but that photo, wow! And what a good name for the series. Now I'm really curious to find the books out. :)
There seems to be a guide to the series called Invitation to the Dance, by Hilary Spurling.


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