Resource for Late Renaissance/Early Modern Ships

Michael Colton

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Jul 20, 2014
I just wanted to a share a wonderful resource for others that might be writing something set in a technological equivalent to the early 17th Century. Six Galleons for the King of Spain by Carla Rahn Phillips is an extremely detailed book about the construction, cost, and capabilities of Spanish galleons of the time as well as the extensive bureaucratic and political webs that were woven around the shipbuilding industry and maritime operations of the time period. Very useful book. Though, incredibly dry if you are not interested in the topic. :p
Thanks, that's very useful for what I'm writing. Although I do remember that Renaissance ship-building techniques were the subject of the hero's never-finished scholarly article in Lucky Jim.

While we're here, might I recommend War and Society in Renaissance Europe by J.R. Hale? Again, it's very dry, but it does cover the subject pretty well. It would be good for anyone trying to do something a bit different with military campaigns.

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