Asking for resources?


Jul 9, 2023
Not sure if this is the right place, and I just looked through the other resources and questions that were already posted here. I would love to find things that are specifically relating to the Urban Fantasy subgenre, or perhaps paranormal resources others may have stumbled upon.

Although I do come in search of recommendations, may I offer this one to any who are interested? | If You Love to Create&Enjoy Great Storybooks! It's just general one but seems bright and approachable with blogs and resources for a variety of topics.

Anyway, I did find some more broader SF ones and craft ones within this forum, and am excited to go and devour them.

Thanks. :giggle:
Oh, I just read more of the resource I offered. It's apparently geared toward kids and YA books, I did not realize it was specific. There are still some helpful things I have read on there and I am writing more for the adult population :LOL:
Urban Fantasy ... I just read a short story by Robert Heinlein in a short collection "All You Zombies." The story was "Our Fair City", in which a parking attendant has befriended a sentient whirlwind named Kitten. The Parking Attendant, Kitten and a reporter attempt to take down a corrupt city government. Not sure if it fits -- but a good story.
or perhaps paranormal resources others may have stumbled upon.
Below is the search for the word "paranormal." There are 28,002 resources (actual artifacts) for you to browse. is an amazing resource for out-of-copyright material.
It also has a lending process for in-copyright material.
And has a pretty good sorting system on the left. Also within each entry there are a lot of cross-links.

Frankly what I love about much older books is that the authors had a different perspective on, well everything, than current thinking. So, by their very nature the books from 100, 200 years ago help me expand my thinking about the world around me.


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