Nine Worlds London 7-9 August 2015


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Apr 28, 2013
East Yorkshire
Hotel have yet to be confirmed but the last two years it's been held in Heathrow based hotels.
Get your tickets while they are there/cheap.

With tons of different tracks, you can not possibly go wrong here, and I highly recommend it!

(Board Gaming, Doctor Who, RPG, Podcasting, Retro Fandom, Geek Feminism, Comics, Social Gaming, LGBTQIA+ Fandom)

More panels and workshops than you can shake a stick at, as well as readings, meet the author-ings, launches, gaming sessions, evening shenanigans.

@London_Geekfest is the main twitter account, but a lot of the tracks have their own. @booksnineworlds for example!
I'm going to this, though I won't be staying in the hotel (because I live in London). Looking forward to it!
Tis awesome on all levels no matter what your geek is. Bring water though. And snack food. All The Things! No time to stop....
Yay! I'm not staying in "the" hotel, I would not inflict that upon the guests there, but we are near enough to be able to enjoy all the evening chaos too.

Radission Blu Bath Road is the hotel for anyone wondering - but there is a Travelodge and Premier Inn within easy reach.
New Tracks for this year include Supernatural & Podcast along side the old favourites which have included: Dr Who, All the Books, Comic, Cosplay, Academia, Food, Feminism, Film, RPG, Gaming, LGBTQAI, Creative Writing....

in other words a very long list of inspiration...
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