Nine Worlds Geekfest (New UK Con)


Nov 12, 2007
I didn't see a thread about this, and it looks immense

Nine Worlds Geekfest is a new con. And it looks awesome. It's run by (IIRC and not limited to) the guy who does the Lodon film festival. And a few people decided, hey. Lots of countries have really BIG SFF cons. We need one. It began n a kickstarter that was massively oversubscribed.

And now we have:

A SF and Fantasy film festival
A book track (series of events)
Tracks on board gaming, video gaming, creative writing, Geek feminism, Star Trek, Steampunk, Discworld, Tolkien, Dr Who, Queer fandom...

You should come if you can. You really, really should
I wish I hadn't read the guest list, because now I am really annoyed that I can't afford to go.

It truly does look awesome.
They even have a cookies thread! I hate it when you can't enter a site without being bombarded and telling them yes it's okay to dump crap onro my computer (I know I can delete them afterwards, but it's still damn annoying!). Apart from that, it does look good...
There should be a free writing workshop similar to Eastercon if we can get it organised.
Just can't make it. Wish I could. I am saving the pennies for World Fantasycon and just paid the membership for Loncon and next year's Eastercon. hope it does well, though, as it will be one to add to my list for future lists.
And now with added me!

I'm planning to go along for the Friday and Saturday, but probably not Sunday. So, if you're about, do come and say hi.
Yup, I'll be there. NewCon Press will be in the dealers room, though I'll be wandering off once or twice to take part in panel items. :)
I shall be there and will be running one afternoon game of SJGs Ogre with miniatures. Other sessions will be run, but not by me as I've paid to go and have fun at the con.
Got my tickets yesterday. Dragging the entire family along - not that any of them are kicking and screaming. Hubby is hoping to get some first prints signed, eldest is just going to be drooling over everything Harry Potter. Youngest will be happy with the Disney Princess costume making.

I'm hoping to make use of the "open mic" on the Friday and Saturday and catch up with some of you lovely Crons folk if poss too.

There are so many interesting things happening! :D

With this and the Lincoln Steampunk Asylum it's going to be a cracking summer but I can't see me getting this second draft done any time soon ;)

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