Ralph Kern joins Tickety Boo with Endeavour...

Gary Compton

I miss you, wor kid.
Jul 8, 2007
I said on Facebook that we might start a journey today.

Ralph Kern has joined the Tickety Boo Starship for the ride of his life.

His book: an Amazon Top Ten seller is being moved across to Tickety Boo Towers as we speak. It should be available again tomorrow.

It has been a massive success in the US selling over 25,000 ebooks. Not sure why that wasn't replicated in the UK but now it is time to put that right.

Paperback and hardbacks will follow. Plus the book will be re-edited by the legendary Ian Sales

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Congrats guys. I've been keeping an eye on Ralph's thread and his Amazon matrix stuff has been very interesting. To hear that he has sold 25,000 copies is amazing! I am more than impressed and this will be good for both of you. I will for sure get this book when it's available in paperback.
Cheers Ratsy. It needs a polish but I have the very best on it as we speak.

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I forgot to mention (dunce) that the revised, re-edited Tickety Boo Press book has been sold to Tantor Media who will produce an audio book. TBP will receive a share of the royalties. This is great for everyone concerned as it opens up all sorts of possibilities for our other authors and the anthologies.

Onwards and sideways.
Fantastic news. Congrats, Ralph and Gary :)
Thanks folks. After a chat, Gary and I felt that together we could move forwards together as more than the sum of our parts. Without sounding egotistical I've been a bit surprised, humbled and bemused by how well it's done on its own... Can't wait to see what we can do with Gary's grand plans! And the thought of working with someone of Ian Sales's calibre is very exciting!

Very interesting and not to mention hopefully lucrative times ahead with physical books and audio coming soon.

As he seems to say (a lot!)

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Congratulations Ralph, looking forward to the follow up :)
Well hopefully Quel, with Gary's support (assuming it passes his still rigorous standards...) It should come out of the box complete with none of the tooing and froing that Endeavour had.

And yes Chopper - Ad Astra!:) (tips a glass)

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