Are the Daleks still a credible Enemy Anymore ?



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I have to admit though that in NuWho, when the Daleks and the Cybermen finally met, and the Daleks said, "This is not war... this is pest control", that was an amazing moment. Unfortunately squandered more or less.
For me the episode "Dalek" with Christopher Ecclstone managed to not only establish there menace (subsequently squandered) but added pathos and the immortal lines to the Doctor "You would make a good Dalek."
They flew, they melted bullets, the plunger was a manipulative appendage.
I always felt though that the Daleks, like the Borg, suffer from their success. They are an undefeatable enemy that the Doctor (or Enterprise) must defeat, but then they come back worse only to be defeated again and so on. It is one of the reasons powerful enemies must only be used sparingly or given an additional dimension (aka Missy)
Well, yes, until the 10th/14th Doctor intervened...

Ive rewatched this multiple times and keeps getting funnier and funnier ! :D

And for the record, I like the new incarnation of Davros . :cool:

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