Best Movies Out Right Now?


Captain Satanpants
Jul 2, 2011

So, for my birthday, I'm going movie hopping and was wondering which movies would be highly recommended that I see. I've already seen Catching Fire and the Hobbit. Was thinking about seeing 47 Ronin, Mitty, Wolf of Wall Street, and maybe another one or two.

"Out right now" has become a rather nebulous concept. :D Have you seen Gravity? If not, find it while it's still on a big screen. about in the last month?

Gravity was fantastic. I saw it the week it came out, and it blew me away. It was really great to see that you don't need an entire cast to make something come alive, but (for most of it) just one actress. Spectacular movie :)
Plans: Mitty, Her, Wolf of Wall St., 47 Ronin, and maybe Catching Fire. Should be an interesting day :)
Joaquin Phoenix made 'I'm still here' with Casey Affleck, which was a docu-spoof where he pretended to quit acting to make music, he had to go fully into the film to try and pull of the spoof so he said he quit to make music, but really it was a joke.
300: Rise of an Empire

Beautiful artwork (some effects not as good as the original though) and epic battle scenes, if beautiful gore is your thing.

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