Spielberg?s answer to ?V? lines up stars

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Oct 20, 2013
19th June 2009 05:28 AM

David Allen

With the new Sci-Fi, show “V” in full swing it has fallen to Steven Spielberg to come up with a realistic answer to it in order to offer some competition.

To this end he has come up with a series that starts six months after an alien invasion, it follows the a group of civilians who have turned rebel, as they try to fight off the invasion and save the human race from the invaders.

Doesn’t that sound a little like “V”?

The series is still unnamed, in fact, Spielberg is still trying to tempt some household names to join in with the fun, according to the entertainment site ew.com, and one of the stars that he is trying to tempt is the former ER actor, Noah Wylie who is believed to be pencilled in as the leader of the rebels.

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