Spielberg looking at HALO film

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Oct 20, 2013
11th August 2009 04:20 AM

David Allen

It seems that the offers just keep rolling in for Steven Spielberg, but then again with a track record like the one he has, he must get the first shot a wide range of film scripts, like the script for the HALO film.

This script is based on the popular Microsoft game and by all accounts, the director is very keen to get on board, but as with a lot of these projects the making of HALO could be running into difficulties before it has even started.

The issue is with the rights, these were initially in the hands of Universal and Fox, but for reasons best known to themselves they have allowed the rights to expire. This means that the rights have now returned to Microsoft.

It is down to Microsoft now. Do they want a film version of the HALO just now or will that interfere with future plans for game.

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