Watchman and Heroes are the most illegally downloaded shows

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Oct 20, 2013
31st August 2009 04:47 AM

David Allen

Nobody can deny the popularity of science fiction TV shows such as Heroes and Lost, but this popularity has a down side and that is the illegal downloading of these programmes.

It has been estimated that science fiction is the genre of choice for the computer user that like to obtain material from other sources, with Heroes and Lost being downloaded over fifty million times, in fact Heroes takes it at fifty five million.

It is believed that global illegal downloading has double over the past year, according to the monitoring firm Big Champagne; millions of TV viewers now have access to free online content.

Most popular illegally downloaded television shows

Heroes: 54,562,012 downloads
Lost: 51,151,396
24: 34,119,093
Prison Break: 29,283,591
House: 26,277,954
Fringe: 21,434,755
Desperate Housewives: 21,378,412
Grey’s Anatomy: 19,916,775
Gossip Girl: 19,706,870
Smallville: 19,598,999

Most popular illegally downloaded films

Watchmen: 16,906,452 downloads
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: 13, 133, 137
Yes Man: 13,038,364
Twilight: 11,632,645
Fast and Furious: 10,613,668
Gran Torino: 9,880,700
Marley and Me: 9,099,219
Slumdog Millionaire: 8,840,884
Bolt: 8,690,633
Australia: 8,628,012