Stargate Universe gets good second outing

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Oct 20, 2013
15th October 2009 04:34 AM

David Allen

The third and final instalment of the opening episodes of the new Stargate Universe series finished off with a reasonable 765,000 viewers for the 8pm to 9pm slot, this gave Sky One a reasonable 3.6 per cent market share for that time slot.

However to put it into perspective the BBC show Holby City drew in a massive 5.75 million (25%), ITV had 3.21 million (13.9%) and on BBC2 viewers tuned in to MasterChef: The Professionals giving it 2.99m (12.8%).

On balance it would seem that Sky One have a long way to go to match even the lowest of the top three for the 8pm to 9pm timeslot, but science fiction always seems to struggle but for the ban of loyal fans who will watch this type of material religiously.