LOVE Stargate Universe...any books with similar "lost in space" plot?


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Jun 5, 2010
As title states, I LOVE the series Stargate Universe that has just aired its penultimate episode for season 1.

The general plot involves a group of civilians and military on-board an alien ship, while lost in space. Easing the friction between the two groups while exploring the alien ship with the objective to return to earth really gets my juices going.

btw, I've scoured the sci-fi recommendations for the "unenlightened" but the lists are too general for what I'm looking for.

I'm not a heavy sci-fi book reader, there are many classics I've yet to read. But I'm looking to dive into something with a similar plot to the above, with emphasis on the "lost in space" which entails discovery, adventure and mystery.

I would love for the book to account for, or be aware of, relatively recent technological advances with its plot being conceivably possible in the future. But don't let that stop you recommending a book if it fits what I'm looking for.

It would be awesome if I could probe your sci-fi expertise for some book recommendations - do you know of any books that fit what I'm looking for?
Edmund Cooper wrote a fair few of this type of book. I'm not sure if you can still get him, but try Seahorse in the Sky and A Far Sunset.
There's The Lost Fleet by Jack Campbell. It's probably not close enough to Stargate Universe though. I'm not an expert on sci-fi books. Just a suggestion for you to check out though.

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