Fallout Online first newsletter dispatched

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Oct 20, 2013
6th July 2010 09:17 AM

Darren Allan


Interplay has announced that the first official newsletter for its upcoming Fallout Online MMORPG is being sent out.

Folks who have registered at the game’s website will receive the newsletter, Tales from the Wastelands. It sounds a bit like Tales from the Crypt, but more radioactive.

Those who sign up will be kept informed with the likes of dev updates, concept art, and potential fast-track access to that all important beta.

The first post-apocalyptic episode of Fallout came out in 1997, mixing a devastated futuristic world with 1950s American artwork, music and themes for a somewhat retro feel.

Not much is known about Fallout Online yet, save for the fact that players will be able to simply enjoy conquest and wreaking havoc, or can opt for a more constructive approach and join in with rebuilding the wastelands.

The game is doubtless still a long way off, but it could be worth registering to keep receiving updates, if only to find out when the beta will be, and to stand a chance of being selected for it.

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