Fallout TV series (2024)

I imagine that the story takes place in an alternate universe, where the world feel apart during the 1950s and then tech developed in the vaults and in parallel among survivors in the surface; hence, things like music and design from that decade. This is countered by some of the game intros which revealed that war was prompted by lack of oil, and that took place decades after the 1950s.
A great game franchise . It should make terrific series. Coming in 2024 .:cool:
The series appress to be debuting in April of this year.
Watched episode 1 - really well done. Superb production values - everything looks so real. As expected with Fallout, lots of dark humour, and some violence though they've not focused on being graphic. I haven't played the game but the rest of my family have any they're loving it so far, especially all the little in game details.
It's really good.

My only complaint was the power armor flying through the air like a rocket. lol
I played the first two games and part of the third (which explains my avatar) but I'm not exactly a fan, as I can't remember all of the details about factions, the timeline, etc.

I lasted around 30 minutes for this show because it's not that good. The problems:

The main story is easier to understand if one starts with the vault dweller, and then introduces other characters as it travels to different places. In this case, the writers attempted to introduce three main characters right away, and then compressed them into one episode. The result is underdeveloped characterization, which leads to lack of sympathy from viewers.

Next, some of the characterization looks weird, together with appearances, as if the show was written by Fallout gamers who tried to imagine themselves playing Fallout characters. When I look at the appearances of Lucy, her brother, her cousin, the council members, Maximus, Dane, and others, they look and act in a cartoonish and surreal fashion, as if one were watching cut scenes from a Sims game with a Fallout skin, with any dark humor forced, like the weird allusions to incest and the absurd grafting of a '50s TV show goody two shoes underachiever with current sensibilities.

Finally, the set appearances makes me imagine that I'm not watching a show based on video games but video games re-imagined as a show. In short, one could have imagined just making it using computer animation, and with a comic book adaptation to follow.

Given that, I gave it around 6 or 7 out of 10 due to problems with the story. It might get better with subsequent episodes, though.
I enjoyed this, especially the cheery 50s-vintage tunes that frequently accompanied the scenes of desolation and violence.
I imagine adapting a video game for television is a difficult task. This was more successful than most.
Of course, the season was much too short. I demand a 12-episode minimum as the streaming show standard.
Yes, and im likely never seeing this series.
It's as if Sims video gamers discovered Fallout and made a TV show.

I’ve two more episodes to watch.

I don’t think there’s been a genre tv show with as much promise since S1 of Stranger Things. It’s not got the buzz of Stranger Things in the media but wow…

It has bleak humour and great characterisation. Liked the Ghoul and Titus the moment they showed up. The ‘MC’ is a great pro-active young lady with a clear vision.

I played the game years ago even tho I gave up on it (the idea of crafting and laying foundations inherent in the game are unpleasing to me) Watching this may make me play it again.

This series was great fun! I really hope the producers realize that they don't need to drag out this specific story forever to keep the series going.
Let's wrap this story up in season 2.

And then go full "American Horror Story" with each season a new complete story that does not need to be related to the others -- though some cross-reference would be fun.

And, so long as I'm dreaming. A new series every year!
...and made a TV show to make fun of the game.

That's why the show's incredibly surreal, with characters looking like those from Toy Story, Sims, and Saturday Night Live, and that includes Lucy's brother and cousin, the council members, the cowboys who resurrect the ghoul, and more.

Even the way it's made looks trite, with the slow-mo gore combined with 1950s music, and weird conversations about sex amidst elevator music.

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