Season 3: Genesis goes live on Star Trek Online

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Oct 20, 2013
10th December 2010 11:35 AM

Darren Allan


Atari and Cryptic Studios have announced that the Season 3: Genesis content update is now available for MMORPG Star Trek Online.

A number of major new features are introduced by the update, including Borg technology which can now be integrated into existing starships. Sector space has also been revamped to give it a more realistic flavour.

An episode replay feature allows players to replay any previously completed missions, some of which will boast brand new rewards for completing it a second time.

Which sounds like a bit of a thin way of creating more play time for Captains, but the final element of Genesis makes for better reading when it comes to extending the game’s content.

A new player content creation system, the Foundry, is now in public beta. It’s still an early working model, version 0.3, but this is indeed a big addition to the game, giving the player base the opportunity to design their own missions. A rating system will apparently ensure only the best missions are highlighted.

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