New Doctor Who season trailer (2024)

It looks totally psychotic . Im in. :D

The Stepping on the Butterfly was a bit of a nod to Ray Bradbury 's story The Sound of Thunder . I love it. :cool:
Not [sure] which season number we're on!
This IS confusing. It's Season 1 on Disney. Season 14 according to the naming scheme since 2005, but here we've already been putting it in brackets as Series (39) up to 2022, which would make last year's specials (without a Season number) 40, and these would now be 41.

Anyway, it starts on Sunday and I was going to begin a thread but there are two titles as it appears to begin with a double episode.
I'm sure that you are correct. I read it was Sunday on The SUN 's website and that Newspaper's always reliable for news, not! :( (though in the past they have usually been correct about Dr. Who matters and got scoops before anyone else - whether that was an insider leaks or the thing they got hefty fines for doing I couldn't say - So I'm afraid I assumed they were correct.)

So, it's tomorrow then - Space Babies and The Devil's Chord. That seems like a lot of Who in one day after a very long absence.
S'allright - I just wanted to save people from The Weakest Link, Blankety-Blank and Pointless Celebrities...

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