Pariah graphic-novel series to debut at San Diego Comic Con

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    Elaine Frei

    Sea Lion Books will debut a new 12-book series of graphic novels, beginning with Pariah, at San Diego Comic Con in July.

    The series, conceived by Aron Warner, the Academy Award-winning producer of the Shrek series of films, written by Philip Gellat and illustrated by Eisner Award nominee Brett Weldele, follows the adventures of a group of super-intelligent kids who are on the run after being framed for a lab explosion that released a virus on the world.

    These kids were not born smart, and they have no super-powers, but are the way they are after having their genetic codes manipulated while they were still in their mothers’ wombs to cure a genetic disorder; now the same government that oversaw the creation of their intelligence is hunting these so-called “Vitros” down as monsters in an effort to destroy them.

    Pariah is Warner’s first venture into the world of graphic novels after a career that began as a production assistant in 1984 and progressed through to work in various capaticites on such films as True Lies, Tank Girl, Independence Day, and Alien Resurrection to name only a few. Besides producing the Shrek series, he also voiced the character of the Big Bad Wolf in those films.

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