5.02: Pariahs

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Feb 18, 2001
Episode 5.02 "Pariahs"

"While Sandoval strikes a deal with the Atavus, Renee desperately tries to convince Hubble Urick about the existence of the deadly new aliens."

The episode opens with Renee strapped to a bed with an IV in her and she is having nightmares about what happened on the ship. She wakes up and Urick is there. She tries to convince him that what she was real and he obviously doesn't believe her. He tells her he needs proof and they sedate her again.

Meanwhile Sandoval has the Atavus in a containment field on the mother ship and is trying to strike a deal with them. Howlyn is definetly against it but Juda seems interested.

Street helps Renee escape. Renee then takes the video evidence and is going to prove to Urick. Street is against this. Renee gives Urick the evidence and he tries to catch her. She escapes.

Howlyn escapes from containment and approaches Sandoval. He tries to feed off him but is repulsed just like he was with Renee.

Sandoval runs to the bridge and seals himself in. Juda calls him.

Sandoval contacts Street on LIams old resistance frequency and convinces Renee he needs her help to kill them. Street thinks its a trap. Renee arrives on the mothership by the shuttle and is captured by Howlyn.

Urick sees the video thinks it might be true. Goes to brief the president but Street hijacks his frequency and tells him he has to save Renee.

The Taelon Ra'jel who managed to regenerate himself leaves the Atavus chamber. Frees Renee then puts the ship in a death spiral towards the Sahara.

Sandoval manages to stop the ship. Renee and Howlyn fight, she cuts off his hand and escapes. She then goes to Urick and gives him the hand as his proof.

I really liked this episode. The action scenes with Renee where great. Never really liked Urick to begin with. Renee should learn to put more faith in Street's instincts instead of just rushing ahead. Sandoval has really changed since the first season. The first season could almost feel sorry for him but know he has become what he learned to hate.
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