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Oct 20, 2013
11th November 2011 04:09 PM

Kerry Butters

Rebellion Publishing have announced the opening of a new digital store in which users can download the best in genre writing with a click of a button.

Solaris and Abaddon books, an imprint offering a wide range of sci-fi, horror and fantasy will be available in their entirety for the first time in both ePub and mobi formats, ideal for Kindle owners.

The store will offer digital versions for all of its titles and is expected to offer competitive pricing as well as special sales and promotional deals.

This week’s offers include 10% of all ebooks and any books in the Tomes of the Dead and Infernal Game series can be purchased for a mere £2 each.

The website is slick and simple to navigate with a number of options to help narrow down search.

Book lovers can navigate via the bar at the top of each page which features primary genres or use the side bar which breaks titles down into sub genre, popular series and other options such as “strong female lead.”

There is, of course, a search facility too.

“The Rebellion Store is your one-stop digital shop for all that very best in genre,” said Jonathan Oliver, editor-in-chief of Solaris and Abaddon Books, “and a great place to find bargains.”

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